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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Badge Cutout

Search through the cutouts using cutout number, badge model, badge shape (category) or badge height. Pay close attention to the size information listed for the cutout. If you think you have found the correct PF Cut, print the page to compare your badge with the printout. Do not choose scale or print to fit options when you print. IMPORTANT: The Firefox browser will print the badge images actual size. Some browsers, like Chrome, tend to make the printed image a little too large. You must verify that the size of the printed image matches the listed size for that cutout. Place your badge on the printout to ensure a good match for size and shape.

How to Search the Badge Chart

Finding a needle in the haystack of badges to cutouts is easy. Here's how.

1. Go to
2. Click or touch the View Charts item on the menu.
3. When the choices pop down, click on View Badge Chart.
(Note that there are over 1500 entries in this chart and the first 15 are visible)
4. Filter: In the search box above the table on the left, type in sw
(Now only Smith & Warren entries are active)
5. Now do the same thing but type sw e1
(Now only Smith and Warren badges that start with E1 are visible)
6. Click on a link in the table to go to a detail page.

Link to Our Site

Please link to our Badge Cut Guide to make ordering Perfect Fit products easier and more fun.

Sample HTML Code:

<a href=""
title="Perfect Fit Badge Cut Guide">Perfect Fit Badge Cut Guide</a>

Select a Cutout Brand

Some products have a recessed cutout for a particular badge model. There are two brands for cutouts: Perfect Fit Shield Wallets and D&K. When a form has a choice for cutout brand, be sure to select the correct cutout brand. Cutout numbers for D&K brand begin with DK. The Perfect Fit numbers do not always have the PF designator before a cutout number.

About Cutout Dies

A Perfect Fit cutout die has a shape and size designed to make a recess in leather for a particular badge. You should always refer to cutting dies with the letters "PF" or "DK" in front of the number to avoid confusion with badge manufacturer catalog numbers.

Shape Guide

Select a badge category that best describes the badge you are trying to match. Example: If you have a six pointed star badge, select "Star-6pt" in the drop down menu then click on the Search button.

Shield without Eagle
Shield without Eagle
Shield With Eagle
Shield with Eagle
5-Pointed Stars
Stars with 5 points
6-Pointed Stars
Stars with 6 points
7-Pointed Stars
Stars with 7 points
8-Pointed Stars

Printed Guide

A printed guide may be purchased from with detailed information and actual size images of badge cutouts.